Recruitment - Assessment

Why do I do

Analyze the personality of the candidates to establish a motivational balance sheet. It is primordial to make the distinction between inner talent and acquired competencies. The benefit is double: the well-being of the candidate who can express his talent through his work and the guarantee for the employer to hire someone with a sustainable motivation. 

When do I do

  • external recruitment
  • employee assessment in the context of a development center
  • supplementary advice on candidates in the last phase of a recruitment
  • in the context of a promotion or an internal upgrade

What do I do

  • a 4 hour interview (personality inventory incl.) or a 3 hour interview (without personality inventory)
  • thorough evaluation of the candidates on:
    • their personality profile
    • the sources of their inner and acquired motivation
    • the level of the required (non technical) competencies
    • their leadership styles and people management competencies (if required)
  • establishment of a detailed report with recommendation

How do I do

  • VIP2A for the analysis of the primary personality and the sustainable motivational sources
  • BEI (Behavioral Event Interview). A technique that allows the requested competency screening with according level of competency