Personality Inventory

Offer you insights on who you are, more precisely, on how and why you do the things you do (or don’t) and find, if necessary, tracks for personal development … 

What information will we explore?

  • your drivers, your motivation, with an important distinction between
    • things you do because you love doing them, regardless of the results
    • things you do for getting results
  • your inner resistance :
    • things you avoid doing because they irritate you and do not match with your values
    • behavior you avoid because it makes you suffer
  • your assertiveness : your instinctive (lack of) confidence in yourself and in others
  • your adaptability : your (in-)capacity to remain calm and composed in complex or new situations
  • an overview of possible developmental aspects to be considered


  • people in need of personal development
  • people in need of a professional (re-)orientation
  • members of a team, in view of a better understanding and cooperation
  • for recruitment purposes
  • students who lack benchmarks to choose the right direction or job

Tool used:

  • VIP2A, a tool developed by the IME after 15 years of research and based on the neurocognitive and behavioral method (Available in French & Dutch – English version soon)
  • How to proceed:
    • You send me you email, your age and telephone number where I can reach you
    • I send you the access codes to the online questionnaire
    • As soon as you have completed the questionnaire (it can take more than 1 hour), I will contact you to settle a appointment
    • The debriefing lasts 2 hours