Why do I do

Foster consistency between efficiency and well being at work. Enhance authenticity in interpersonal relationships, thanks to a better understanding of the mutual functioning. How? Create awareness that leads to a different state of mind, which is the only way to effectively use the tools afterwards.

What do I do

For teams and their managers

  • Communication - welcoming
  • boost your emotional intelligence
  • prevention od psyco-social risks on the workfloor
  • performance management 
  • stress management
  • steering of the mental modes (learn to mobilize our adaptive intelligence to accede to our maximal individual potential, creativity and the ability to deal with complexity)
  • enhance team spirit

1 or 2 day modules

A la carte : any organization, group, organism willing to:

  • better understand the interactions between our thoughts, our behavior and our feelings
  • gain some insights on the origin and the functioning of stress and acquire some tools to better steer our own stress and that of others

1/2 , one or two days modules depending on the demand and the needs 

How do I do:

  • steering of the mental modes
  • relational stress management
  • management of power relations
  • biosystemic
  • organizational leadership and climate