Professional Coaching and Career transition

What do I do

Help you change the way you look at professional situations that bother you and adopt a more adapted state of mind in order to

  • rediscover and better utilize your motivational sources that will help you recharge your batteries
  • create the necessary open-mindedness to ease decision taking, stepping back, reflection towards the problems you are confronted with
  • soften your reluctance towards some behavior that might block you or generate stress and dispute
  • search the causes of exhausting obsessive behavior that might be the source of moral exhaustion and emotional pain
  • deconstruct preconceived thoughts, limiting by essence
  • stimulate creativity

When do I do

  • in career transition
  • in periods of doubt 
  • in front of difficult decisions
  • consequently to a painful failure or because of the stress caused by the fear of failing
  • when significant changes

How do I do

  • Coaching according the ICF competencies
  • “steering of the mental modes ®”: cognitive and behavioral tools
  • NBM tools for the evaluation and the managing of obsessive behavior
  • The NBM communication tools
  • Personality inventory (Vip2A)